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Putnam County is located in rural north Florida. If you were to draw a line on a map of Florida from Jacksonville to Orlando, and another from Daytona to Gainesville, where the lines cross is where we're located. It is a part of Florida that most non-Floridians (and many Floridians from other parts of the state) are unaware of. We are surrounded by counties that are experiencing almost explosive growth, yet we remain primarily rural in nature. Our county has a population of just over 70,000 residents. Farms, ranches, forests, fields, lakes, streams, and, of course, the beautiful St. John's River are everywhere. Wildlife is abundant and varied. Heron, osprey, bald eagle, wild turkey, black bear, Florida panther, deer, and manatee are among our most cherished residents. The natural beauty of this place is dear to our hearts. And, of course, there's The River. The St. Johns River, recently named a "Heritage River", is the crown jewel of north Florida. It has been used for commerce, transportation, fishing, recreation, and, yes, even war since the earliest days of Florida's history. It flows north (one of the few rivers that do) from just above Orlando to the Atlantic Ocean at Jacksonville. It is fully navigable for most of it's several hundred miles, even for very large boats. The fishing and shrimping are outstanding, and in our opinion, the blue crabs caught in the St. Johns are the best tasting anywhere (apologies to the Great State of Maryland). Putnam County is within an easy drive of some of the finest cultural centers in Florida. Shopping too, is an easy drive. We are approximately a one hour drive to Daytona, forty five minutes to St. Augustine, seventy minutes to Gainesville, ninety minutes to Jacksonville, and two hours to Orlando. While we do not have Mega Malls of our own, we kind of prefer it that way. Maybe you will too. If you are from a metropolitan area, rural living may take some getting used to. Unpaved country roads are more common than paved ones and there are no Interstate highways here. We sometimes jokingly say that for excitement on Saturday night, we go to downtown Welaka (population:600) and watch the traffic light change colors. While that's a bit of an exaggeration, we think you get the idea. The unhurried lifestyle, sense of peace and security, and sense of place and belonging are all part of why we are here. Our company's primary service area is south Putnam County, also known as the Fruitland Peninsula because it is surrounded by water on all but one side. Lake George (part of the St. Johns River and second largest lake in Florida) and the river are to the southwest, west, and north. Lake Crescent (a tributary of and feeding into the St. Johns) and Dunn's Creek are to the southeast, east, and north. There are also several hundred inland lakes in Putnam County, ranging in size from small ponds to good sized lakes suitable for boating, water-skiing, and fishing. Residential and agricultural property is exceptionally affordable here, especially when compared to our more urbanized neighbors. Waterfront property is an almost unbelievable bargain, again, compared to other more urbanized areas. If all this sounds like the place you've been looking for, perhaps like somewhere you've known from your childhood or somewhere you've dreamed about living, please take the time to e-mail, phone, or write us concerning your needs. We will be more than happy to help our new neighbors find just the right home.